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Sahuñia – Lake Titicaca

I apologise for not posting sooner. With magazine deadlines on the horizon this week has been a busy one and the next will be even busier I’m sure. This post is a follow up from an Introduction to Lake Titicaca.

On Saturday morning we decided we’d take a trip to Sahuñia, a 6km minibus ride from Copacabana. We were dropped off by the entrance, where a huge sign boasted of the ecotourism on this stretch of the Lake. After walking for around 15 minutes, passing locals with their cattle, Cholitas carrying children on their backs and some very vocal donkeys we were greeted by a local man who emerged from a small building marked as ‘the tourism office’. It was our voluntary tourist guide, Ángel.

After shaking hands and exchanging names he took us down to the lakeside and presented us with his rowing boat, which we all (very ungracefully) climbed into. For the next hour and a half  Ángel rowed around the lake, showing us the trout nurseries, the edible totora reeds and the local wildlife.

The following images are a preview to a larger narrative around  Sahuñia, Ángel and the lake.


Sheep graze outside houses in Sahuñia.


A Cholita walks ahead on the road to Sahuñia.


Ángel rowing on Lake Titicaca.


These frogs were once a delicacy in this area but since becoming an endangered species they are no longer eaten by the locals. 


Ángel takes us through the different species of birds found on the lake and shows us their eggs.


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  1. tcollier58Tim

    Really like the last image, the egg is so fragile and held so delicately within hardened hands and this is beautifully echoed by the deep black background and the purity of the white egg – exquisite! Portrait is strong too.

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