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Shepparton’s Sheep Sale

After Easter weekend we were once again granted unwanted days off from the farm. As many people in the house fled to Melbourne the rest of us counted our pennies and decided we’d better wait it out in Shepparton. I’ve mainly filled the last five day with numerous walks in and out of town (33 miles worth in fact) finding little unnecessary reasons to ‘pop in’ and have subsequently succeeded in killing many an hour on …


Apples and Easter

If I was to tell you that I’m currently working on an orchard picking apples in Australia, it’d sound all romantic and quaint. It would sound wrong. If I was to tell you that last week I spent 8 hours a day for 7 days straight climbing up and down a rickety ladder, getting scratched and bruised to the point where people now take a quick intake of breathe whilst looking at me, inhaled thousands …


Life Before The Farm

I’ve been a little quiet online for a while and that’s because I have decided to make a start on my 88 days regional farm work which will enable me to apply for another year’s visa in Australia, should I want to do so. I’m currently living in a shared house on a farm in Shepparton, about 2 hours north of Melbourne. I visited a few places after North Stradbroke but felt somewhat under pressure to …