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#3 East Coast Australia // Kinkuna and Bundy 

After Fraser I continued north with a one night camping trip to Kinkuna National Park along with the Aussie I’d met in Hervey Bay. It wasn’t the most successful camping trip ever. Quite ominously everyone else was packing up and leaving when we arrived and the baby blue sky was rapidly turning steely grey. But believing locals know best, I trusted the Aussie that said “it’ll be foooine”. By 1am the interminably torrential rain and …


#2 East Coast Australia // Fraser Island

The next part of my East Coast adventure would take me to Fraser Island. It’s the world’s largest sand island stretching a preposterous 120km along South Queensland’s coast. At its widest point the colossal island reaches 22km and naturally, being a sand island, is surrounded by golden beaches. The natural wonder is the product of hundreds of thousands of years worth of sand moved by wind and tidal currents from Queensland’s eastern river systems which …


#1 East Coast Australia // Humpbacks on the Sunny Coast & Hervey Bay

According to google maps, the distance between Brisbane and Cairns is 1048 miles, that’s 209 miles longer than the distance between Lands End and John O’Groats (the most southerly and northerly tips of the UK). In my ‘Pommy’ wired brain this distance seemed colossal, it is however only a small fraction of the vast Australian coastline. For September and October last year my only purpose was to get from Brisbane to Cairns and see the …