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Landscapes of Dingle, Co. Kerry

It’s been a while since I last posted; Lots has happened since The Power of a Portrait hit the web, most notably I was made redundant from my day job here in Cornwall. Before you all hurry to offer your sympathies on the loss of my income.. its a good thing, perhaps even the kick up the arse I need to start doing what I want to do… but lets not be hasty, its day three of my unemployment and right now I’m happy spending (most of) the day reading novels, pouring over a map of  the world and listening to Gerry Rafferty sing about a baker or something. Anyway. Enough of that. I wanted to post a few pictures.

Last month, my Dad and I travelled to Ireland for a week long exploration of the Wild Atlantic Way. We spent most of our time on the Dingle Peninsula while also venturing to the Great Blasket Island and driving the Ring of Kerry. Dad and I used to go away camping together every year for my Birthday when I was younger, often it would be just for the weekend but the fond memories I have of hunkering down in a tent, getting attacked by midges and scoffing chicken supreme are vivid in my mind. During my teens we also spent time together on photographic excursions, most memorably for me, on the islands of Skomer and Skokholm, just off the coast of West Wales. This trip to Ireland, therefore, was a sort of throwback to those days.

Before a trip away, especially a photographic one, I usually spend hours googling the location I’m heading to and though I researched a little around the Dingle Peninsula I decided to resist the urge to over indulge in knowing what was in-store for us. Subsequently, on the ferry crossing from Fishguard to Rosslare I was looking forward to that element of surprise. That feeling of exploration and the blissful ignorance of adventure; I was not disappointed by what the Wild Atlantic Way had to offer. The peaks of the mountainous terrain that surrounded us seemed to tumble effortlessly into the rugged coastline as we wound our way through the wild landscape. I lost count of the number of times a ‘waw’ escaped my lips as we turned corner after corner and making progress along the costal road was difficult with a photo opportunity at every turn. I spent some time whilst in Ireland making notes, albeit rough notes, for blog posts so though there are many more posts to come on this trip, I wanted to share a couple of landscapes to begin with.








  1. Tim Collier

    Very moody and dark Nia, we must do a comparison blog sometime

  2. Tim Collier

    Very moody and dark Nia, we must do that comparison blog

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