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Panoramic Australia

When I was at home for my sister’s wedding I upgraded my indestructible luminous pink text-talk only Samsung that I’d bought in Nepal for a couple of quid for a refurbished iphone6. Its the best phone Ive ever owned and with my track record of smashing screens in the most mundane of circumstances I was a bit worried about taking it backpacking across Australia with me.

However, an idiot proof case and a screen protector meant I was now (technologically at least) in the 21st century with my shiny new mobile device. The best thing about it has to be the camera. I’m taking more photographs than ever before and, for a photographer, thats saying something.

In a county as vast as Australia you find yourself gazing at sprawling landscapes at least once a day so the panoramic feature became my go to option every time I was stood before one of these epic scenes. So, as I’ve not posted in so long, here’s a simple post of panoramic images depicting my last four months here in Australia.

Starting with my 2 month jaunt up Australia’s beautiful East coast followed by a two week road trip from south to north Victoria, a farm job stop in Mildura and finally to where I am living and working now on the Great Ocean Road.


Kondilla Falls, Sunshine Coast

Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island


Botanical Garden, Rockhampton


Horseshoe Bay, Maggie (Magnetic) Island


The Forts Walk, Maggie (Magnetic) Island


Normanby Island, Franklin Island Group


Mulgrave River, Cairns


The Esplanade, Cairns


Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road


London Bridge, Great Ocean Road


Dunes, Mungo National Park


Walls of China, Mungo National Park


Nangiloc Vines, Mildura


Wye River, Great Ocean Road

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